Creative Reuse class project using cds and plastic planters

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

What’s your story?

Friends since high school, Kirsten & Mary are joining forces to start a creative reuse and art center in Staunton. The center will be a hub for traditionally non-recyclable materials, such as paint, fabric, and wood, and will also serve as a catalyst for alternative and emerging artists, creators, and craftspeople. By providing a resource for recycling materials and exchanging ideas at a low cost, they aim to create a nurturing space for trying new disciplines, tools, and materials, taking classes, asking questions, and being inspired in a welcoming environment.

Mary Pearce

Art has been at the core of Mary’s life from the beginning. As an artist and craftswoman, she is constantly exploring, planning, and experimenting. She honed her skills and explored a variety of disciplines at the Corcoran School of Art and Virginia Commonwealth University. Her love for finding vintage treasures has become an important part of her creative process. Mary played a key role on the board of a Richmond-based creative reuse nonprofit and is excited to create something similar in Staunton.

Kirsten Schneider

Kirsten is passionate about creating art and exploring different mediums. She has studied art at the Corcoran & VCU and has won several awards for her work, which has been purchased internationally and installed in public spaces. She served on the City of Fairfax Commission on the Arts and played a role in founding their non-profit. She also helped found the Valley Creative Guild and is now looking forward to opening a creative reuse and art center in Staunton.